Timekettle M2 Review

Timekettle M2 Translator problems & bugs.

Timekettle M2 is not working as advertised. The products have many bugs.

Timekettle M2

Bluetooth pairing problem. Detect Only one earbud.

Timekettle M2 translator doesn’t detect auto language. You need to select yourself as there is no auto-detect mode.
When you don’t how another language, different accent problems how you will know accents and set them in the product.

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They dont have many other languages offline Translation packs.
Offline packs don’t work properly.
Offline packs process very slowly. Old model mobile phone owners will face more delays.

Timekettle M2 Review

M2 Earbuds need a slow throw of words. If you speak fast, it will not work. Product catch just a few words, and many words missing in translation. Output Translation comes with a delay, or funny translation comes you.

M2 Earbuds need a quiet environment it means you can’t use them outside or while traveling. If you need help outside you, need to find a quiet place and invite people for help. It is not possible to help you. Nobody will be going to follow you.
If you speak aloud, it will not work too.

M2 Earbuds are not fit properly in-ears easy to fall, So you can use them outside too and can’t walk freely.

Earbuds get hot sometimes, maybe due to a bad battery or Bluetooth signal problem. Need to think it’s safe to wear them?

Important Point Timekettle support is terrible.
It’s tough to get support from them.
They never reply to your emails.
If you give feedback about the product, they will block you.

Think before buying the Timekettle products.
Please check product feedback on IndiegogoAmazon, and Facebook.

All points are different from their product promotions & presentations. It seems like they hire powerful marketing people for fake influence. Fake reviews.